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Get Fit Texas State

WellCats Invites You to Participate in a Get Fit Texas! Challenge | January 11 - March 21

get fit texas

The 2021 Get Fit Texas! challenge is an exciting way to integrate physical activity into your daily routine. Created by the Department of State Health Services, Get Fit Texas! is a weekly statewide competition between agencies to see which agency can complete the most minutes of physical activity.

Requirement/goal - each participant needs to complete 150 minutes of physical activity per week for at least 6 out of the 10 weeks.

Who is eligible to participate?: All state employees (please note that you do not have to be a WellCats member to participate)

When does this challenge occur?: January 11, 2021 – March 21, 2021

Where can I complete this challenge?: At home, at work – you can be physically active anywhere!

How do I sign up?: All participants must create an account on the Get Fit login portal. (Registration Instructions)

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  • Below is a list of examples but remember that you can log any physical activity in the GetFit portal.

    Aerobics Climbing Hiking Running


    Archery Core/Ab workout Hockey Skiing

    Ultimate Frisbee

    Badminton Cross-fit Jogging Soccer


    Barre Dancing Kayaking Softball


    Baseball Digging or shoveling Kick boxing Spin/cyling

    Water Aerobics 

    Basketball Disc golf Lawn mowing Sporting clays


    Biking Dog-walking Martial arts Squash


    Boot camp/Camp Gladiator Elliptical Mountain biking Stairs


    Bowling Equestrian Pilates Stationary bike  
    Boxing Exercise machine Racquetball Strength training  
    Brisk walking Football Raking Swimming  
    Calisthenics Gardening Rock climbing Tai Chi  
    Canoeing Golf Roller skating Tennis  

    Car washing

    HIIT (High intensity interval training) Rowing Trampoline  


  • To take paid time off to participate in wellness activities, supervisor approval is required. The request for approval should include the type of wellness activity you would like to participate in, date, time, and location. For convenience, you can use the Faculty/Staff Application for Leave Approval form or other written format such as email, whichever your supervisor prefers. For details, see UPPS 04.04.32.

TXST GetFit Texas Challenge Incentives

Complimentary of WellCats

Texas State employees who successfully complete 150 minutes of physical activity per week for at least 6 out of the 10 weeks will be entered into a drawing.

44 total winners will be chosen at random for the following prizes.

  • 20 winners will receive WellCats Yoga Balls
  • 10 winners will receive WellCats Gym Bags
  • 10 winners will receive Tumblers
  • Grand prize: 4 winners will receive 3 personal training sessions offered virtually to help you meet your physical goals (offered by WellCats team members)

Virtual activities:

We invite you to take on this wellness challenge and participate in this agency-to-agency competition to see who can complete the most minutes of physical activity per week!

Questions: Please contact Rose Trevino or Josh Arguellas at